Welcome to Harteman Wildfowl,
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Celebrating aviculture, education and bird conservation

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Welcome to Harteman Wildfowl

Welcome to Harteman Wildfowl, a website founded in 1998 by Jan Harteman and inspired by Sir Peter Scott. Enjoy the passion for aviculture, global traveling, and the conservation of wildfowl biodiversity on this website!


Aviculture and conservation

The avicultural side of conservation cannot be emphasised enough, with one of the avicultural main aims to promote sound husbandry in captive breeding and establish captive breeding programmes. This website provides appropriate information for both aviculturists and conservationists.

Toco toucan

Evolution and taxonomy

The first classification of birds was developed in 1676 (Willughby and Ray). Since then the classification of birds is a contentious issue. Depending on the taxonomic viewpoint, the number of known living bird species varies anywhere from 9,800 to 10,050. Harteman Wildfowl will provide a unique number of bird quality pictures from one photographer.

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Gathering experience

Harteman Wildfowl will add many interactive features to its website. In this way we would like to play an important role in the avicultural world, gathering aviculturists, zoologists and conservationists to save the avian biodiversity in both aviculture and its natural habitat. 


Comb duckAviculture is the practice of keeping and breeding birds and the culture around it. Aviculture is generally focused on not only the raising and breeding of birds, but also on preserving avian habitat, and public awareness campaigns. Check here!


Serra da CanastraConservation is an ethic of resource use, allocation, and protection. Its primary focus is upon maintaining the health of the natural world its, fisherieshabitats, and biological diversity. Conservation may take place in-situ and ex-situ. More information...


Criadouro_(178).JPGBiodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within species, ecosystem, or the entire planet. To show some of the variety in wildfowl, this website will include the most diverse photographical collection of Anseriformes. What's new? 


"We shan't save all we should like to, but
we shall save a great deal more than if
we had never tried" - Sir Peter Scott


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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 3
World Wildlife Day

Tuesday, April 7
Pan-European Duck Symposium

Sunday, May 10
World Migratory Bird Day

Thursday, March 3
World Wildlife Day

Harteman Wildfowl is proud partner of:

UN Decade on Biodiversity

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