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Supporting EAZA's Silent Forest Campaign

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The Silent Forest CampaignAsian Songbird Crisis

Songbirds in Asia are threatened with extinction due to excessive and strongly cultural rooted consumption of wild songbirds for trade, songbird competitions, pets, export, traditional medicine and food. The Silent Forest Campaign aims to save a growing number of songbirds by increasing knowledge, awareness and commitment to do action within and beyond the zoo community. Harteman Wildfowl is supporting the Silent Forest Campaign [Read more here...]


New species added: Eaton's pintail

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Today, the Eaton's pintail has been added to our website,

including some photos shared by Regis Perdriat

You can find the Eaton's pintail here.



Above: Anas eatoni drygalskifrom the Crozet Archipelego.

Photo copyright (2012), with permission, by Regis Perdriat


New ID charts to groups of wildfowl added

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The following ID charts to groups of wildfowl have been added: 



Ducks of the genus Mareca: (1) Eurasian wigeon, (2) American wigeon, (3) Chiloe wigeon, (4) falcated duck and (5) gadwall. Click to enlarge.



Mallard-types from America: (1) mallard, (2) mottled duck, (3) American black duck, (4) Hawaiian duck and (5) Laysan duck. Click to enlarge.



Mallard-types from Asia and Australia: (1) Indian spot-billed duck, (2) Chinese spot-billed duck, (3) Pacific black duck and (5) Philippine duck. Click to enlarge.



Four species of shovelers in one picture: (1) northern shoveler, (2) Australian shoveler, (3) Cape shoveler and (4) red shoveler. Click to enlarge.



Five species of stiff-tailed ducks: (1) North American ruddy duck, (2) lake duck, (3) Maccoa duck, (4) Australian blue-billed duck and (5) white-headed duck. Not included are masked duck (Nomonyx dominica)  and Andean ruddy duck (Oxyura ferruginea). 



Scaups and closest related diving ducks (genus Aythya): (1) greater scaup, (2) lesser scaup, (3) ring-necked duck, (4) tufted duck and (5) New-Zealand scaup. Click image to enlarge. 



Closely related diving ducks, from left to right: canvasback (1), common pochard (2) and redhead (3).
Click the image to enlarge


More detailed photos of each species can be found on this page. 

We're working on more ID charts to add in the near future. 

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