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baer's pochard - critically endangered

Conservation breeding and avicultural education

Welcome to Harteman Wildfowl: Contributing to the global knowledge, education and conservation of the world's waterfowl. Collaborating with several European studbooks and breeding programmes. 

white-winged wood duck

Aviculture and conservation

The avicultural side of conservation cannot be emphasised enough, with one of the aims to promote captive breeding and establish breeding programmes.

horned screamer - Anhima cornuta

Anseriformes taxonomy

This website represents the order of Anseriformes, better known as wildfowl or waterfowl. This order includes ducks, geese, swans and the primitive South-American screamers. 


magpie goose - Anseranas semipalmata

Gathering and sharing experience

We share information and experience in the avicultural world, gathered by aviculturists, zoologists and conservationists, to save the avian biodiversity. 

Waterfowl in Aviculture

Aviculture is the practice of keeping and breeding birds in a protected environment using controlled conditions, for pleasure, (semi-) scientific research and conservation purpose. Modern aviculture embraces new insighs on zootechniques, ethics, welfare and environment. Modern aviculture embraces the sharing of passion, knowledge and skills within the sector and beyond”

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