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Captive Conservation Breeding

Captive breeding programmes in order to wildfowl conservation

** This is an incomplete list of captive breeding programmes and reïntroduction efforts **

** Work in progress to compile a complete list -- update, June 2019 **


Please note: explanation of abbreviations at the bottom of the page


ENGLISH NAME IUCN (2016) EAZA (2017) AZA (2017) Project Reïntro-ductions ZIMS (2016)
Screamers (Anhimides)            
Screamers (Anhimidae)            
Horned screamer LC         0
Northern screamer NT         18
Crested screamer LC   AZA     348
Ducks, geese and swans (Anserides)            
Magpie goose (Anseranatidae)            
Magpie goose LC         213
Whistling ducks (Dendrocygnidae)            
White-faced whistling duck LC      PAP Trinidad 500+
Black-bellied whistling duck LC      PAP   500+
Spotted whistling duck LC   AZA     123
West-Indian whistling duck VU   AZA     273
Fulvous whistling duck LC      PAP   500+
Plumed (Eyton's) whistling duck LC         238
Wandering whistling duck LC         130
Lesser whistling duck LC         151
White-backed duck LC         50
Stiff-tailed ducks (Oxyurinae)            
Ruddy duck LC         500+
Andean ruddy duck LC         0
Lake duck (Argentine ruddy duck) LC         86
Australian blue-billed duck NT         43
Maccoa duck NT         78
White-headed duck EN    



Masked duck LC     IWWA   0
Musk duck LC         3
Black-headed duck LC         40
Freckled duck LC         80
Geese and swans (Anserinae)            
Swan goose VU   AZA IWWA   423
Greylag goose LC         397
Bean goose LC         40
Pink-footed goose LC         41
Bar-headed goose LC         500+
Greater white-fronted goose LC     IWWA   127
Lesser white-fronted goose VU       Sweden 264
Emperor goose NT         184
Snow goose LC         267
Ross' goose LC         152
Canada goose LC         500+
Cackling goose LC     IWWA   108
Hawaiian goose (Nene) VU   AZA



Hawaii 500+
Brant goose (Brent goose) LC     IWWA   39
Barnacle goose LC         500+
Red-breasted goose VU   AZA     500+
Cape Barren (Cereopsis) goose LC         287
Coscoroba swan LC   AZA     224
Black-necked swan LC         396
Black swan LC         500+
Mute swan LC         433
Trumpeter swan LC     IWWA


Whooper swan LC         133
Tundra swan LC         80
Spur-winged goose (Plectropterinae)            
Spur-winged goose LC         101
Shelducks and relatives (Tadorninae)            
African Comb duck LC         240
South American Comb duck LC         40
Blue-winged goose VU         71
Egyptian goose LC         500+
Orinoco goose NT   AZA IWWA   139
Andean goose LC         52
Magellan (Upland) goose LC         140
Kelp goose LC         0
Ashy-headed goose LC         33
Ruddy-headed goose LC         61
Common shelduck LC         500+
Radjah shelduck LC         259
Ruddy shelduck LC         500+
Cape shelduck LC         111
Paradise shelduck LC         58
Australian shelduck LC         106
Pink-eared duck LC         8
Torrent duck LC     IWWA   0
New-Zealand blue duck EN     IWWA Nw Zl 32
Flying steamer duck LC         19
Falkland steamer duck LC         0
Magellanic steamer duck LC         13
White-headed steamer duck VU         0
Ducks (Anatinae)            
White-winged wood duck EN ESB AZA IWWA   394
Muscovy duck LC     PAP   301
Hartlaub's duck LC         19
Maned goose (Australian wood duck) LC         163
North American wood duck LC         500+
Mandarin duck LC         500+
African pygmy goose LC   AZA     90
Cotton (Indian) pygmy goose LC   AZA     29
Green pygmy goose LC         17
Brazilian duck LC         301
Salvadori's duck VU         0
Ringed teal LC         500+
Crested duck LC         102
Bronze-winged duck (Spectacled duck) NT         59
Gadwall LC         184
Falcated duck NT         214
Chiloé wigeon LC         500+
European wigeon LC         346
American wigeon LC         97
Mallard duck LC         500+
American black duck LC         57
Mottled (Florida) duck LC         0
Hawaiian duck (Koloa) EN         41
Laysan teal (Laysan duck) CR     WWT




Philippine duck VU         177
Indian spot-billed duck LC         322
Chinese spot-billed duck LC         61
Pacific black duck LC         322
Meller's duck EN EEP       187
Yellow-billed duck LC         219
African Black duck LC         79
Garganey LC         158
Puna teal LC         180
Versicolor (Silver) teal LC         107
Hottentot teal LC         240
Blue-winged teal LC         176
Cinnamon teal LC         271
Northern shoveler LC         334
Cape shoveler LC         19
Australian shoveler LC         104
Red shoveler LC         172
Madagascar teal (Bernier's teal) EN   AZA     272
Cape teal LC         308
Andaman teal NT         0
East Indian grey teal (Sunda teal)  NT         14
Australian grey teal LC         67
Chestnut teal LC         230
New Zealand brown teal EN     IWWA   38
Auckland Island flightless teal VU         2
Campbell Island flighless teal EN         6
Northern pintail LC         500+
Eaton's pintail VU         2
Yellow-billed pintail LC         124
Bahama (White-cheeked) pintail LC     PAP Trinidad 500+
Red-billed Pintail LC         134
Yellow-billed teal (Speckled teal) LC         235
Andean teal LC         0
Baikal teal LC         243
Common teal LC         345
Marbled teal VU   AZA    Mallorca 500+
Red-crested pochard LC         500+
Rosy-billed pochard LC         489
Southern pochard LC         114
Canvasback LC         160
Common pochard VU         418
Redhead LC         406
Australian White-eye duck LC         66
Madagascar pochard CR     WWT  Madagascar 0
Ferruginous pochard NT         500+
Baer's pochard CR ESB AZA     269
New Zealand scaup LC         73
Ring-necked duck LC         74
Tufted duck LC         500+
Greater scaup LC         165
Lesser scaup LC         63
Common eider LC         500+
Spectacled eider LC         42
King eider LC         12
Steller's eider VU         0
Harlequin duck LC         42
Common (black) scoter LC         27
American (black) scoter NT         1
Surf scoter LC         1
Velvet scoter VU         14
White-winged scoter LC         7
Siberian scoter LC         0
Long-tailed duck (Oldsquaw) VU         52
Bufflehead LC         271
Common goldeneye LC         449
Barrow's goldeneye LC         136
Smew LC         380
Hooded merganser LC         500+
Brazilian merganser CR     IWWA   0
Red-breasted merganser LC         38
Scaly-sided (Chinese) merganser EN ESB AZA     67
Common merganser (Goosander) LC         125


AZA = Association of Zoos and Aquaria
EAZA = European Endangered Species Programme

EEP = European Endangered Species Programme by the EAZA

ESB = European StudBook by the EAZA

IWWA = International Wild Waterfowl Association

PAP = Point-à-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, Trinidad

WWT = The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

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