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What is aviculture? Why is it important?

The keeping of animals, including birds is, in my view, not self-evident. With the keeping of birds we have a great responsibility to take towards these animals. Reciprocity is created by self-appropriated right to keep animals under human care; a commitment to take good care of animals.

Animals are, in my opinion, not just consumables. What is the need for humans to keep animals? People experience the need to keep animals as a source of food, companionship, help, inspiration and entertainment. In my view, keeping amimals should not take place at the expense of everything. 


I see and experience keeping birds as an effective opportunity to learn about birds, to enjoy birds, but also to help conserve populations of vulnerable species.  These aspects are the basis of aviculture, as described by Michael A. Wetherall:


Aviculture is the practice of keeping birds in captivity using controlled conditions, normally within the confines of an aviary, for hobby, research and conservation purpose.”


Personally I would add the aspects of zootechniques, ethics and welfare, but also the aspect of sharing passion, knowledge and skills to a revised definition of aviculture:


Aviculture is the practice of keeping and breeding birds in a protected environment using controlled conditions, for pleasure, (semi-) scientific research and conservation purpose. Modern aviculture embraces new insighs on zootechniques, ethics, welfare and environment. Modern aviculture embraces the sharing of passion, knowledge and skills within the sector and beyond


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Layout of one of our aviaries, where we keep and breed endangered species of waterfowl (August 2021).

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