Harteman Wildfowl, presented by Jan Harteman


New: Magpie goose and Screamers

Posted by jan VIP 

Today we added sheets about the Magpie goose, Horned screamer, Northern screamer and Crested screamer.



New: Anseriformes added

Posted by jan VIP 

Welcome to the new website of Harteman Wildfowl! 
We added a complete list of all Anseriformes (ducks, geese, swans and screamers).

You will find out, the list does not include many links to factsheets yet.

Please be patient and find out more pages soon!



List of all bird orders added

Posted by jan VIP 

We just added a list of the taxonomic orders in the subclass Neornithes, or modern birds. This list uses the traditional classification (the so-called Clements order), revised by the Sibley-Monroe classification. The subclass Neornithes has two extant superorders: Palaeognathaeand Neognathae. All modern bird orders are listed, and will be extended with factsheets of many bird species, categorized by order. 



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