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Captive keeping torrent ducks

By Alejandra Mora Vallejo, Chilean aviculturist


Chili, March 2019 - I'd like to share some photos of the torrent ducks (Merganetta armata armata) I raised a few years ago while working at a waterfowl breeding facility in Chile. It took time, patience and effort to achieve this, but it is such a fantastic species that is definitely worth it. The first big challenge was to comply with the local regulations to get the proper permits to collect the eggs. The management afterwards was not very different from the rest of the birds of the collection. We used normal incubation, rearing tub with water from day 2 and they were fed with waterfowl pellet (starter at the beginning and regular when adults). I would say the only difference is that they need much more attention.

I know the IUCN Redlist has classified them as Species of Least Concern due to their relatively large and stable population, nevertheless their natural environment is facing rapid changes in terms of pollution, deforestation and damming of mountain rivers. I think to master captive breeding is another way to collaborate with their conservation..


Above: torrent duck, male
Above: torrent duck, ducklings
Above: torrent duck, female
Above: torrent duck, female
Above: torrent duck, male
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