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About the collection

Our collection | Conservation breeding

Harteman Wildfowl is a small private non-profit collection of waterfowl. What started of as a hobby in grew into a lifelong passion for waterfowl and their conservation. I share this passion through my personal website and social media channels, as well as amongst other things, being a board member of the International Wild Waterfowl Association and Aviornis International Netherlands


Mission statement

I want to contribute to knowledge, education and conservation by being part of EAZA’s Ex-situ Programmes (EEP EEP Logo); as well as directly contributing to ex-situ conservation by keeping and breeding threatened species in my private collection – gathering data and images about these three duck species in my private collection – and educating the general public through my personal website and social media channels. Being part of the EAZA EEP studbooks, my facilities have been checked by the studbook keepers to verify if I could keep these species in my current aviaries. Alongside I agreed to fulfil obligations like annual reporting, medical research, post mortem research and keeping offspring at our location until the studbook keeper has found a suitable new collection. As a private aviculturist I am reaching out to these professional EEP programs and want to be a part of them, and species conservation in general, for the long run. 


Our birds

Currently, we have the following species at our facilities (August 2021).

These animals are not available for sale


  1. Magpie goose, Anseranas semipalmata - LC
  2. Black-bellied whistling duck, Dendrocygna autumnalis - LC
  3. Fulvous whistling duck, Dendrocygna bicolor - LC
  4. Lesser white-fronted goose, Anser erythropusVU
  5. White-winged duck, Asarcornis scutulata - EN, EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP) EEP Logo
  6. Chiloé wigeon, Mareca sibilatrix (Anas sibilatrix) - LC
  7. Laysan teal (Laysan duck), Anas laysanensis - CR
  8. Meller's duck, Anas melleri - EN
  9. Cape shoveler, Spatula smithii - LC
  10. Madagascar teal (Bernier's teal), Anas bernieri - EN,  EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP) EEP Logo
  11. Baer's pochard, Aythya baeri - CR, EAZA Ex situ Programme (EEP) EEP Logo
  12. Canvasback, Aythya valisineria - LC
  1. Australian crested pigeon, Ocyphaps lophotes - LC
  2. European turtle dove, Streptopelia turtur - VU
  3. Golden pheasant, Chrysolophus pictus - LC
  4. Temminck's tragopan, Tragopan temminckii - LC


Our facilities from above (August 2020). 



Layout of one of our aviaries (August 2021).



Aviaries (August 2021)



EAZA = European Association of Zoos and Aquaria

EEP = EAZA Ex situ Programme EEP Logo

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